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If you jam over G3 "Rocking in the free world" song, the obvious choice is 5 pentatonic shapes of E minor. But what if you are tired of it? Here is a very powerful recipe. You can treat the first pentatonic shape as the base for the Dorian mode with the same root on low E string! So you can attach every Aeolian pentatonic shape to the corresponding derived Dorian flavored modal shape and mix these two concepts. This discussion is the beginning on the way to understand (later) the following idea: "pentatonic shape add second". But I will mention that later. For now focus on the above mentioned concept. Here is the table to help you:

Jam tune: G3 Rocking in the free world, Little wing, Woodoo child (same G3 jam)

The following modal shapes can be seen on the following pentatonic
shapes in the same (or close by position, if you see two modes listed,
it means the pentatonic shape is in between these modes)

Aeolian flavor Dorian flavor
Pentatonic Shape 1 - Modal shape Dorian/Ionian
Pentatonic Shape 2 - Modal shape Phrygian
Pentatonic Shape 3 - Modal shape Lydian
Pentatonic Shape 4 - Mixolidian/Aeolian
Pentatonic Shape 5 - Locrian

Note for those who are already familiar with the idea

You almost don't need to learn pentatonic add second with this
approach if you know what i am saying

So again,
Jam song G3 Rocking in the free world :

Pentatonic Shape 1 E - Modal shape E Dorian/ D Ionian
Pentatonic Shape 2 G - Modal shape F# Phrygian
Pentatonic Shape 3 A - Modal shape G Lydian
Pentatonic Shape 4 B - AMixolidian/ B Aeolian
Pentatonic Shape 5 - C# Locrian

Notice that Satch and Vai use this idea a lot in the jam. Let me know what you think!igorgoga

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