Major Pentatonic Scale

  • Diagram on the right shows the 5 scale patterns in the key of C.

  • The red dots mark the Root of the scale, which is C.

  • You can see that the patterns of this scale are exactly the same as those of the minor pentatonic, but you play each pattern 3 frets lower than that of the minor pentatonic. The root note, however still remains as C.

  • Knowing this scale allows you to use the already familiar shapes of the minor pentatonic to get a completely different sound.

  • You can use this scale to get a less aggressive, happy sound over a major progression.

  • Listen to BB King for the applications of this scale.

  • Practice this scale by playing it over a major blues progression.

  • Practice mixing this scale with the minor pentatonic, and learn how their patterns overlay and which notes are different.

  • 5 patterns of the Major Pentatonic Scale

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