The Major Scale (Also referred to "Diatonic" or "Ionian"

  • This 7 note western scale is the basis for most music in the world.

  • If you learn this scale, you will automatically also know 6 OTHER SCALES as well. This is another major reason for learning this scale. Each of these 6 other scales (called "modes") have their own "flavor" and rules for application in music.

  • This scale can be avoided if you only want to play the blues, but if you play classical, jazz, rock, metal, pop, or anything else you should know this scale. And even if you play only the blues, you will have more flexibility if you know when to use the 2 extra notes from this scale, that the minor/major pentatonics don't contain.

  • This is a slightly harder scale to learn than the pentatonic scale, because it has 2 more notes.

  • Learn the scale one pattern at a time, then connect the patterns as you did with the pentatonic scales.

  • Jam by using this scale to a C-major chord or backing track.

  • 5 patterns of the Major Scale

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